The development of communication and relations of trust between our employees and the company is an issue that we consider extremely important. For employees to perform well in their assigned projects, they need good communication in order to work with greater security and confidence. But in the CSO business, it is difficult to achieve the kind of employee communication that is taken for granted in so-called “ordinary companies” because most of our employees work from remote locations. We therefore hope to maximize our in-house communication, based on appropriate information management so that we can provide vibrant services.


Internal Communication


Town hall meetings

CMIC Ashfield town hall meetings are held for the purpose of sharing progress in performance and measures, and so on. Because not all employees can take part, the contents of the meetings are put up on our intranet later so that everyone can obtain the same information. This meeting enables us to share our company policy and in-house news for the purpose of unifying awareness within departments or projects and delivering smoother services.


Conversations in the Field

We place importance on the field, the front line of service provision, and so our top managers visit each area to communicate directly with employees. A number of measures have been drafted and implemented as a result of requests or requirements conveyed from the field to managers. Meanwhile, we have strengthened our employee network by enabling employees who normally work at client companies to directly access our Head Office policies etc. and share them among each other.

Employee Board

When considering major measures, we hold an Employee Board for employee representatives to make proposals such as for system reforms. Through a process that is acceptable to employees, we are able to smoothly introduce any system changes. It also enables the employee representatives to experience the importance of teamwork while also developing their point of view through the experience of gathering the opinions of their fellow employees. Conveying the management’s message at vital stages and listening to employees’ ideas is also a very meaningful kind of communication for the company and to individual employees


In-house intranet portal site

The CMIC Asifield portal site contains all the information that employees need.
The contents are produced by employees, and information from each department is shared accordingly. As the term suggests, this in-house portal site plays a significant role as an information “port” for everyday CSO work at remote locations.

社内イントラ ポータルサイト