CMIC Ashfield’s compliance policy includes not only legal compliance by all our directors and employees but also addressing our in-house rules, code of conduct, corporate ethics and corporate social responsibilities. While requiring high ethical and moral standards as a healthcare related company, CMIC Ashfield is also working to increase its compliance awareness to earn the trust of society by building up a compliance structure and developing communication and training systems.

We also conduct regular annual checks to meet the compliance requirements of being a member of not only the CMIC Group but also the Ashfield Engage.



Compliance management system

Based on the CMIC Group’s risk and compliance management system, CMIC Ashfield has established a compliance department directly beneath the president, conducts full compliance of GVP and GPSP ordinances, related laws, fair competition codes, promotion codes, in-house rules and so on, and carries out monitoring, guidance and training so that outsourced operations go properly and smoothly. When an incident report is made, it is reported promptly and dealt with appropriately by management.



CMIC Group compliance training

The CMIC Group has declared that all its directors and employees shall conduct their duties according to high ethical standards and a sense of mission as individuals engaged in business that supports healthcare. To achieve this, new employees undergo compliance training using the CMIC Group Code of Conduct and the CMIC Way compliance handbook that makes them aware of the significance and importance of compliance and teaches them the shared values for putting it into practice. All directors and employees also receive regular compliance training every year to reinforce their compliance awareness.

CMIC Way compliance handbook

As part of the CMIC Group’s efforts to increase awareness of compliance, a compliance handbook has been created and distributed to all directors and employees.
As a way of trying to improve and instil an understanding of compliance among directors and employees, this handbook describes numerous cases that help them to comply with laws and in-house rules, ascertain specific standards of behaviour based on social common sense, and check their own actions and ethics.

CMIC Way compliance handbook

CMIC Ashfield compliance training

In addition to CMIC Group general training, CMIC Ashfield conducts compliance training for all new directors and employees upon joining the company, which is then followed by our own compliance training conducted online every quarter. Emphasizing the fundamentals of compliance, the training includes the basic ethics required of a CSO company providing services in the commercial field.

Consultation and report line

A CMIC Group Hotline has been set up to receive reports or requests for consultations on compliance issues, the aim being to quickly identify and handle such issues or prevent them from occurring. There are separate Group and external hotlines. The general manager of the internal audit department examines and responds to submitted reports and consultation requests objectively and fairly, and endeavours to quickly bring in measures to improve things and to prevent a recurrence. We have also set up a consultation desk in CMIC Ashfield where employees can request a consultation regardless of the circumstances or their work environment.