Social Contribution through Business


To Contribute to Healthcare

To contribute to people’s health and wellbeing by creating high-quality commercial solutions that support healthcare companies to effectively bring their products to society.

This is our vision.
CSOs help to get even better medicine to patients even quicker within their sales regions. At CMIC Ashfield, as partly involved in healthcare, we truly believe that the solutions we offer in our CSO business are a valuable medical function to help health care providers and their patients—and the pharmaceutical companies working to create even better medicines.

Social Contribution Activities

In addition to contributing to society through business, we also actively contribute to society through a range of activities.

First-Aid Project

We established the “First-Aid Project” to help our employees all over the county realize that they are members of a company involved in human life, and to provide them with the courage to save precious lives during an emergency. This project encourages and offers support to employees to obtain first-aid certification regardless of position or workplace.

The project was launched in 2015, has won the approval of many of our employees, and the number of certification holders continues to rise.

First-Aid Project

In-house charity event “Coffee Afternoon”

We periodically hold in-house charity events in the refreshment area located in our HQ office. Employees bring homemade snacks to the office to sell in a bazaar-like atmosphere, and all proceeds from these themed events are donated to a medical-related organization.

This event not only helps to improve internal communication, but also serves as an opportunity for employees working in the HQ to learn and think about a range of issues in medical settings from which they are physically remote.

社内チャリティバザー「Coffee Afternoon」

Food drive

Although food banks and food drives are still not well known activities in Japan, food is inseparably connected with health. There are many families even in Japan who are living in poverty and are unable to get enough food, for a variety of reasons. This is becoming a major social issue. Food banks are gaining attention as a means to combat this issue and reduce food waste.

During the 2016 CMAS Food Drive, employees brought the unused food to our HQ office from each home and donated more than 50 kg of food to a local Tokyo-based Food Bank, as one of the Ashfield Group’s monthly CSR activities.

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