Talent management

The acknowledgement that people are our most important asset and that therefore we need to find, attract and develop the best talent

As a service provider, our unique asset is our people.

We believe the most important point is to develop individual employees who have the ethical standards, communication skills and expertise needed to be a member of a healthcare related company, and so we require people who can flexibly handle our company’s multi-channel strategy. We carry out various training and development programs.


Initial training


We conduct effective training based on the knowhow that has so far trained 320 medical reps from other occupations. In addition to the set 300 hours of lectures, our multifaceted training incorporates industry knowledge and business etiquette training so that reps are immediately ready for work.
People with no medical sales experience undergo training with special lecturers from the time they enter the company until their medical sales accreditation exam. This so-called introductory education follows a curriculum set by the MR education & accreditation centre of Japan. In addition, we conduct our company’s own training which teaches basic skills such as pharmaceutical and medical industrial knowledge, interview skills, presentations, role playing, business etiquette, IT skills, etc.
We provide full support to help people pass the MR accreditation exam, such as e-learning that can also be studied outside the company, training camp just before the exam, and so on.



Continuous training


CIMIC Ashfield has training facilities accredited by the MR education & accreditation centre of Japan. Knowledge related to healthcare and drugs is always progressing so we conduct continuous in-house training about new information on diseases, related laws and agreements, and so on.

In dispatch projects we conduct procedures without delay, managing training times even within our company in collaboration with the training staff of the pharma company, and announcing target medical reps near the accreditation renewal date. Even if reps are unable to meet requirements because of maternity leave, childcare leave, etc., we try to ensure their quality by suggesting supplementary training organised by the MR education & accreditation center of Japan.


2nd year training


Many of our company’s registered reps have transferred from another profession, and they play an active role in projects using their high motivation levels and their flexible attitude to new methods.

Inexperienced reps regularly take part in group training for active employees in order to learn the skills needed as a medical rep in a CSO company that would be hard to get only from rep activities within projects, as well as to broaden their personal career potential.


Area marketing training -– “CMAS Knowledge”


A medical rep requires knowledge about drugs of course, but to become a successful rep trusted by doctors and other healthcare professionals, it is important to understand the market and think about how measures can be further developed. We have put information helpful for area marketing on the “CMAS (CMIC Ashfield) Knowledge” in-house portal site, used by reps as a source of data to propose to healthcare professionals or as a tool for self-improvement.

As a result, medical reps can identify the needs and characteristics actually required in an area and utilise them in their work, and become able to play a role in promoting healthcare by gaining the trust of healthcare professionals rather than simply being salespeople.

エリアマーケティング教育 「CMASナレッジ」


Manager training


Strengthening the leadership abilities of the managerial resources who play such a large role in linking the Head Office with the field is essential to improve the quality of CMIC Ashfield services. Starting with customer communication and employee communication, required by each role of project managers and area managers, we provide training to raise the level of our management.


Developing the next generation


We have established an in-house business school called “CMAS(CMIC Ashfield) College” as a program for developing the next generation.

The one-year curriculum aims to cultivate the leaders of the next generation through thought training, which is hard to get from just working on assignments, as well as lectures and workshops for understanding CSO business.



Recognition programs


Various recognition (award) programs are run at CMIC Ashfield, where we place importance on our culture of giving praise.

President’s letter

Each month, a number of employees are selected for their outstanding role in terms of results, behaviour and other factors and in accordance with our five values, and they receive a letter from the president praising them on their achievement.

Value award

This is awarded to employees, regardless of their job type, who have conducted themselves in accordance with our five values and contributed to the growth of CMIC Ashfield.

Best team of the year

This award recognises a team of people, rather than individuals, for their outstanding efforts such as operational improvements or their influence on others around them.

MVP training tour

Among the various recognition award winners, those who have played the most outstanding role are given MVP (Most Valuable Player) prize and taken on a training tour.
The first training tour was a visit to Ashfield’s Head Office in the UK, where the MVPs were able to see the well-developed CSO business for themselves.





“CMAS(CMIC Ashfield)-Labo” is the name of a rep-led task team activity in which medical reps form a cross-departmental team that plans measures to make our business grow.

The results of the task team have a direct impact on the company’s growth because the team identifies issues from the perspective of working reps and its members share their various skills, ideas and thoughts to draw up measures for a better work environment. A number of proposals issued by “CMAS-Labo” have already been adopted as Head Office policies and are being implemented by the related departments.