Resource Management


Resource management and assignment planning


The most important thing in resource planning is matching. To implement resource planning, the multiple elements of matching the needs of clients and the career aims and skills of employees against the data of the talent management system mentioned below are discussed from the perspectives of the project manager, recruiting department, HR department, and sales department.


CAMPUS talent management system


The data of all employees’ personal history, experienced projects, career aims, and evaluations is centrally managed by CAMPUS, the CMIC Group’s talent management system.
This system enables information needed for career development or organizational management to be checked smoothly and quickly. Its “visualisation” of human resource data also ensures good quality career-related communication by enabling the delivery of required information to the required people at the required time.





One of the indicators of the growth of CMIC Ashfield is our recruitment record. We have recruited more than 370 people in the three years since our establishment, which has sustained our company’s growth.
By further developing this experience in recruiting medical reps, we are also able to recruit other experts such as MSLs and nurse educators to meet the human resource requirements of pharma companies and other clients.


CMIC Ashfield’s ideal human resource assets


  • Commitment: People who are strongly committed to the highest quality and the best results in everything
  • Personal growth: People who achieve personal growth and take the lead in strong organisation building without relying on the company
  • Facing the challenge of change: People who continually face the challenge of change with a sense of responsibility and without being bound by any framework
  • Proactive: People who can take positive action while looking ahead to the future, and make proactive, industry-leading proposals and actions