CMIC Ashfield employs multichannel solutions to meet a wide range of needs and contribute to the development of healthcare.

5 years have passed since CMIC Ashfield Co., Ltd. was born as a joint venture between CMIC Group, leading CRO in Japan and Ashfield, No.1 CSO company in Europe and No.2 globally. We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to our many clients and business partners who made this possible.

The CSO industry is going through massive changes in concert with the changing environment surrounded life sciences. At CMIC Ashfield, we leverage the strengths of a joint venture company while actively promoting the development and provision of innovative service models. We believe that going beyond conventional CSO business fields and delivering results that exceed customers’ expectations in the larger life sciences and healthcare fields will be crucial for an organization to truly become a business partner.

We will continue to create innovative and high quality solutions, work toward becoming the top multichannel CSO in Japan, and maintain our conviction and passion for developing healthcare and realizing healthy and abundant societies.

President, Operating Officer  Hiroshi Kizaki