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The column “Medical Affairs T-Time” started to be serialized

This is Hiroyuki Tanaka, Consultant and Head of Medical Affairs of CMIC Ashfield. Co., Ltd. Medical Affairs business area started drawing many people’s attention, however, on the other hand the information is limited and it occurs often that you cannot reach the information you really want to know.

In this column, I would like to introduce stories/information useful for both who are so-called “MA beginners” and interested in Medical Affairs and who have already been engaged in Medical Affairs.

I wish you can enjoy reading “T-Time” an acronym of my name “Tanaka” when you have a bit break time in your daily life.

#1 Why pharmaceutical companies are now strengthening Medial Affairs division

The contents are available in Japanese language only. Thank you.


Medical Affairs Business Unit
CMIC Ashfield Co., Ltd.