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CMIC Ashfield hosted open seminar, “Exploring Future Multichannel Strategies”, and the abstract is available

In February 14th, CMIC Ashfield conducted its first open seminar entitled “Channel Innovation Vol.1” in partnership with AbbVie, CareNet and Pfizer. The half-day event was open to all marketing, commercial and customer excellence professionals in the pharmaceutical industry.

Over 100 people attended the event held at the Tokyo Conference Centre Shinagawa, including two journalists and three guest speakers.

The event was opened by our New Channel Business Division Director, Hironori Komaki, discussing Ashfield’s Multichannel Solutions in the Global Market.

During the event, three guest speakers, Kenji Obama from AbbVie, Motoyasu Ohno from CareNet and Masao Okazaki from Pfizer discussed current innovations in the industry.

  • Kenji Obama, Senior Manager, HCV Strategy & Marketing Hepatitis Business Unit of AbbVie GK
    Perspectives of Multichannel Strategy in the HCV Market
  • Motoyasu Ohno, Chairman of CareNet
    Digital Channel Strategies for 2020
  • Masao Okazaki, Sr. Director, Business Technology of Pfizer Holdings
    Evolution of Multichannel Approach by Pfizer

These presentations were followed by an introduction to CMIC Ashfield services and closing remarks, delivered by Hiroshi Kizaki, President and CEO.




The abstract is available now as follows;
CMIC Ashfield Open Seminar Channel Innovation Vol.1
Exploring Future Multichannel Strategies”

Date: Wednesday February 14th, 2018
Time: 15:00-18:00
Venue: Conference Centre Shinagawa