We provide both Commercial and Non-Commercial service

Flexibility and innovation

CMIC Ashfield actively undertakes the creation of new business models. We believe that in order for us to earn trust as a business partner in the continually changing pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, we must also continue to change and evolve, constantly creating new value.
We strive to propose innovative solutions to our customers, developing services without being bound by precedent, addressing new challenges and creating added value.


Channels and expertise

CMIC Ashfield delivers its services through various communication channels, both through face-to-face channel where engagements occur in person, and remotely, with information gathered and provided through media such as web and phone. By combining the deep expertise of our skilled professionals with practical knowhow and flexible communication channels, we are able to deliver high-quality multi-channel solutions. In addition, our managerial expertise cultivated through an extensive track record in operating outsourced projects in the successful adoption of new business models.

By dividing our business into the “commercial” and “non-commercial” areas, we not only hone specialization within these respective areas, but also simultaneously provide services that ensure a high degree of compliance.

CMIC Ashfield’s business

Commercial Solutions

<Face to Face channel>

  • MR solutions
    – Vacancy Management
    – Dedicated Sales Teams
    – Syndicated Sales Force
  • Training
  • Customer Service Reps

<Remote channel>

  • Remote Detailing service

Non-Commercial Solutions

<Face to Face channel>

  • Medical Affairs Solutions
    – Medical Affairs Consulting
    – Medical Science Liaisons
    – Medical Affairs Training
  • Nurse Educators

<Remote channel>

  • Patient Support Programmes
  • Virtual (Remote) Medical Science Liaisons
  • MA academy
CMIC Ashfield’s business

Virtual pharma

Based on CMIC Group’s unique business model “Innovative Pharma Model (IPM)”, we fully support drug development, manufacture, sales and marketing as a strategic partner to pharma companies, medical equipment manufacturers, and bio venture companies already active in Japan, as well as life science and healthcare companies aiming to enter Japan and looking to expand overseas.

Virtual pharma
Virtual pharma

Not just for new medicines but also long-listed drugs and medical equipment, we can provide total support as a one-stop service in coordination with various CMIC Group functions throughout the entire process from manufacture to post-sale, customizing according to need.