Core-time MR  (Part-time Medical Reps)

Our company is a pioneer in part-time projects. Medical reps have working arrangements such as short four-hour working days or three-day working weeks, or do a set number of visits per month. Depending on promotion volume, in-house reps are combined with CMIC Ashfield’s part-time reps to achieve the most efficient resource allocation. In addition, as a diversity measure, using part-time reps to supplement the work of a company’s reps is effective in maintaining promotion levels.

Core-time MR



  • Carry out promotion in pinpoint areas
  • Supplement as a diversity measure (shorter hours for company MRs, etc.)
  • Maintain and improve SOV


  • Flexibly set core-times (short time, no. of visits) to meet the required volume of promotion activities
  • Utilize operational knowhow as a pioneer of core-time MR projects
  • Operated as either dispatch or outsourcing projects