Dedicated Sales Teams

With our dedicated sales team models, our reps are completely entrusted with the promotional activities for designated areas or designated products.
The merit with these teams is that they can be expected to have knowledge of local area characteristics and experience with a wide range of diseases. KPIs are set beforehand, operations are managed in a performance-oriented manner, and we are fully accountable for the outcome.
These teams are used effectively in a wide range of situations, and the organizational design and operational programs of each project are tailored to suit our clients’ purpose.


Dedicated Sales Teams
  • Launching projects upon entry to the domestic market
  • Maintaining and improving coverage of targets other than those covered by in-house resource
  • Cost and risk management when launching a new team
  • New sales strategy pilot projects
  • Operating in accordance with in-house and client rules as well as GVP and GPSP regulations and policies
  • Performance-oriented management with KPIs
  • Our experienced management coordinate with pharma company staff to operate smoothly in line with strategy