Syndicated Sales Teams

These fully outsourced teams conduct promotions in target areas, with the MRs handling multiple companies’ drugs in non-competing therapeutic areas.
In terms of detailing, the proportion and content of promotions varies depending on a “set position”.
The position and KPI are set beforehand by mutual consent, and CMIC Ashfield operates the team with responsibility for achieving the set targets.

Syndicated Sales Teams

  • Maintain promotion for non-core products
  • Carry out promotion that maintains coverage while keeping costs down


  • Suitable cost allocation in light of promotion strategy, product maturity, etc.
  • Concentrate in-house resources on focus products such as new drugs
  • Medical reps with experience in multiple disease areas, unique to CMIC Ashfield



Details of syndicated sales teams


Syndicated sales teams are completely outsourced to conduct the promotion of multiple non-competitive products of three different pharmaceutical companies as a single project. Our company’s reps visit target facilities as CMIC Ashfield employees to provide information on three products within each detail. This syndicated-type model enables clients to maintain promotion of non-core products and increase SOV, while re-focusing in-house MR activities on strategies for core products, speciality field products and high-priority targets.

syndicated sales teams


Setting a different KPI for each detailing position

Each medical rep provides information on all three products during each visit to a facility, with the proportion of detailing time set in advance to 60% for position D1, the main product, followed by 30% for D2 and 10% for D3. Setting the outsourcing fees according to this ratio enables promotion activities that maintain coverage while keeping costs down. The detailing ratio and KPI are set to meet the needs of each product according to the stage in the product’s lifecycle, seasonal factors, competition, and so on.


Setting a different KPI


Detailing ratio examples
  • Detailing position 1 (D1)
    Can explain drugs and their clinical effects in detail, and is most suitable for the introductory and growth stages of product lifecycles
  • Detailing position 2 (D2)
    Suitable for simple explanation on drugs and their clinical effects, ideal for products which already have some level of awareness and require continuous SOV
  • Detailing position 3 (D3)
    Effective for conveying simple brand messages, to maintain sales of long-listed drugs

Operating knowhow and performance

Syndicated sales teams were developed based on the service model of the Ashfield Group particularly in Europe and North America, the most advanced regions in terms of CSO utilization. Syndicated-type projects have already been deployed in more than ten therapeutic areas, where their effectiveness has been proven. In Japan, CMIC Ashfield has operated pilot projects and built up unique knowhow, such as the ideal detailing position depending on the product’s features and management methods for handling multiple products, among other learnings.