Non-commercial area’s solution

In our “non-commercial” area, we provide solutions for effective communication related to medical information in the medical affairs and clinical area.

《MA solution》

Addressing unmet medical needs and gaining insight through reliable scientific communication

The CMIC Ashfield Medical Affairs business provides comprehensive solutions related to medical affairs, including contract MSLs.

Although there are growing needs in the medical affairs field, the current state of Medical Affairs Departments in Japan varies company to company. CMIC Ashfield provides comprehensive medical affairs services to match the various needs of the different pharmaceutical companies. Our company does not offer solutions based on vague assumptions, but customizes and builds optimum solutions based on our experience and knowledge of the Japanese market. Also, as a CSO company, we have accumulated know-how in developing medical professionals’ communication skills required to successfully engage with healthcare professionals, which we utilize in training solutions to enhance our people’s performance.

《Clinical solution》

Clinical Communications that Promote the Realization of Patient Centricity

Another aspect of our non-commercial areas is clinical communication solutions that are centered on the use of nurses. Services for patients and healthcare professionals with a patient centric focus, such as activities to raise awareness, educating on the handling of products in the clinical field, and support programs to raise treatment adherence, is an important way to communicate the stance of a brand or company in fostering the appropriate use of pharmaceutical products. By combining skilled professionals with extensive clinical experience and different communication channels, CMIC Ashfield can design and deliver tailored programs for different therapeutic areas.

Our Services

We flexibly combine our services to offer high-quality solutions to our clients’ problems.

<Face to Face channel>

MA Consulting

Through comprehensive consultation services that include helping companies to launch of an MA organization, KOL selection and management, formulation of strategies, and support for human resource development, we formulate tailored solutions to the different issues faced companies.

MSL人財ソリューション (コントラクトMSL)

Medical Science Liaison (Contract MSLs))

Our high-quality MSL personnel work in the MA Divisions of pharmaceutical companies. We provide specialized training to our diverse range of scientific professionals including MDs and PhDs before their assignment.


Customized MSL Training

Human resource development is important for any organization. We have experience in holding diverse workshop training sessions not limited to just input training, ranging from introductory training to practical KOL engagement, the planning and promotion of research, and formulation of MA strategies.


Nurse Educators

Our nurses provide patient care-focused training to medical institutions nurses, including the use of devices, instruction on administering and taking medication, and side effect management.

Clinical trial contract

In collaboration with the respective functions of the CMIC Group, we conduct investigator-led studies.

MA dispatch model

In addition to MSLs, we also dispatch personnel such as office workers for Medical Affairs Divisions, and medical education personnel.


Remote channel
Virtual (Remote) MSLs

Virtual (Remote) MSLs

Our Medical Science Liaisons communicate with KOL using remote channel. Please consult us with your online advisory board and seminar needs.

MA academy

MA academy

Through mixed programs consisting of online and group training sessions, attendees are be able to systematically master the knowledge and skills required to become successful MA professionals. Programs are open to individuals as well as corporations.

Patient Support Programme

Patient Support Programme

Programmes that aim to support patients through treatment adherence and QoL improvement.

About CMIC Ashfield’s remote solutions

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