Contract Medical Science Liaisons (MSL)

Medical science liaisons (MSLs) conduct academic society activities and visit doctors and medical researchers who are key opinion leaders (KOLs) in order to convey and obtain medical and scientific information. MSL activities are mainly providing impartial information based purely on medical and scientific foundations, and do not include advertising products.

All our company’s MSLs have a PhD with a medical and scientific research background and experience in pharmaceutical research. At CMIC Ashfield, MSLs undergo necessary and sufficient training for them to be able to work immediately and only employing people with reliable communication skills enables our activities at client pharma companies to go smoothly.

Furthermore, a manager is assigned to each MSL to conduct On-the-Job Training and interviews with the MSL based on evaluation feedback on the MSL and to provide any necessary guidance and training.

The contract period and outsourcing scope are determined through consultation beforehand.

Contract Medical Science Liasons(MSL)

Benefits of using contract MSLs

Utilising required human resources for a limited time

This reinforces a company with the additional MSLs meeting necessary spec at required periods when the importance of having an MSL is greater, such as the period from the middle stage of phase Ⅲ to market launch, enabling the pharma company to follow its own in-house medical strategy.

Benefits of using contract MSLs

Effective and productive training

Even for people with no MSL experience, our company’s own 247.5-hour training program covers all the necessary training subjects, enabling us to introduce an effective and speedy contract MSL team while keeping the time and cost of MSL development down.


Recruiting network ensuring high-spec employees

By utilising our recruiting network for healthcare personnel cultivated in the CSO business, we employ and assign highly experienced and skilled employees.


Reliable personnel to support high-quality services

High-quality MSL teams with a solid scientific background and communication skills are selected according to needs.

Reliable personnel to support high-quality services


CMIC Ashfield -MSL human resources and characteristics


【With pharma experience】

  • MSLs, MDs, MA or development etc., those with experience of academic related workplace, top MRs, etc.
  • Pharmacology graduates
  • People with strong adaptability skills, ambition for self-development, and desire to absorb knowledge

【Without pharma experience】

  • People with experience in academia or venture pharma companies, etc.
  • MD or PhD holders
  • People with strong communication skills, ambition for self-development, and desire to absorb knowledge



Training system


Smooth introduction with productive 247.5-hour curriculum

The intensive lectures teach fundamental MSL knowledge and the style of behaviour required as a dispatch model contract MSL . Optional sessions are available in addition to the standard 247.5-hour training.





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