Training programs for MSL

In the MA department, where advanced knowledge and a high sense of ethics are required, development our people is extremely important. Our company flexibly combines curriculums in accordance with HR development strategy to construct optimum training plans. Depending on the content of the training, we can provide customized programs based on global cases in coordination with the Ashfield Group


  • MSL mind-set training
  • KOL engagement training
  • Response to various legal changes
  • Foundation of medical strategy
  • MA strategy workshop
  • Case study workshop


Curriculum example


【Curriculum example: MSL mind-set training, standard 2 days】

For an MSL team composed of people from different backgrounds such as research or marketing, it is important to understand the regulations, fair competition rules, and in-house rules and to form a consensus on what they can and cannot do as MSLs. Having held thorough meetings beforehand to clarify the activity criteria, we draw up a curriculum incorporating effective group work for trainees to follow.


【Examples of training subjects】

  1. MSL’s main activities and roles: The skills needed by an MSL
  2. How to cooperate with KOLs
  3. How to relate to different workplaces in a company (marketing, MR, etc.)
  4. Group work: MSL activity criteria learned through case studies




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